Environmental Issues Goes Political

Their request to the Filipino electorate is to vote in favor of competitors who will defend the compelling force of nature and the individuals who “green championed” and who really advance ecological preservation, assurance for the benefit of everyone and building environmental networks that are without junk and contamination.

To help the Philippine electorate in making “green” political decisions on race day, the Eco Waste Coalition discharged its guide and agenda to the Filipino voters known as the “Ten Commandments On How To Choose Green Candidates”. This give a helpful direction and understanding on what to look for from competitors as far as their ecological reputation and stage.

In their journey of picking the following environmental pioneers who can obviously leave a green inheritance to its kin and nation. The accompanying are the Eco gathering’s ecological “Ten Commandments”:

1) Thou should not vote in favor of hopefuls utilizing the 4 G’s to win: Gins, Goons, Gold and Garbage. Vote in favor of the possibility for the basic M’s: Malinis (Clean), Maayos (Orderly), Matipid (Thriftiness), Mapanindigan (Principled), Marangal (Honorable), Mapayapa (Peaceful), Makatao (Pro-People), Makalikasan (Pro-Nature) and Maka-Diyos (Godly).

In addition, bolster competitors known for their basic, star individuals and environmental ways of life.

2) Thou might not bolster hopefuls who nail, staple, tie or mortar battle materials on exposed trees and other confined destinations. Vote in favor of competitors who love and plant trees, utilize minimal measure of crusade materials and submit to the battle rules.

3) Thou should not pick hopefuls who utilize smoke burping vehicles that contribute the declining air quality. Go for competitors on bikes instead of the individuals who come in caravan of autos. Vote in favor of the individuals who utilize less vehicles in motorcades to decrease fuel utilization and auto emanations.

4) Thou might not succumb to hopefuls who make delightful discourses about their adoration for the general population and the earth yet neglect to coordinate their words with deeds. Check if the hopefuls is occupied with any ecological backing or undertaking. Abstain from picking competitors who have budgetary enthusiasm for any dirtying and naturally damaging business.

5) Thou might not choose applicants who claim to ensure nature however are quiet on what they plan to do. Ask the competitors on how they expect to serve the enthusiasm of the earth. Vote in favor of the individuals who will work truly to mend and ensure nature.

6) Thou should not pick competitors who are snared to old fashioned “hakot-tambak-sunog” (pull dump-consume) and neglect to close down illicit dumps. Vote in favor of the individuals who isolate their disposes of at home, in the work place and who bolster natural, minimal effort and network driven other option to dumps, landfill and incinerators.

7) Thou might not vote in favor of applicants who disregard the wellbeing, ecological, financial and human rights worries against ‘clean’ landfills, ‘waste to vitality’ dams and comparable foundation designs. Vote in favor of applicants who attest the general population essential needs and not to the manages of the World Bank and other universal financing foundations.

8) Thou might not choose competitors who need to assemble huge dams and permit mining, logging and other extractive enterprises to assault the land and mishandle human rights, particularly the privileges of the indigenous individuals. Vote in favor of the individuals who take the clubs for the human and additionally the non human casualties, for example, trees, plants and natural life of earth harming human exercises.

9) Thou should not back hopefuls who won’t make a move against the wellbeing and security dangers of hereditarily adjusted harvests and sustenance items. Vote in favor of the applicants who will propelled the general population’s entitlement to sheltered and sound sustenance and nourishment generation frameworks that sustain the earth.

10) Thou might not vote in favor of the applicants who decline to recognize an unnatural weather change and vote in favor of hopefuls who see the requirement for preventive and preparatory activities to stop environmental change. Go for hopefuls who contradict new coal control undertakings and bolster network made utilities utilizing sustainable power sources.